Wildcats News · Student Athlete of the Week – Madeline Kartz

Student Athlete of the Week

Madeline Kartz

Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Track

What is your motivation for playing all your sports?  My motivation for playing is achieving my goals and being part of a dream.

Who is your mentor in sport?  Who do you look up to?  My mentor is one of my teammates from cross country.  During my freshman year, she helped me a lot.

What is your favorite pre-game meal?  My favorite meal before competitions is a roast beef sandwich.

Do you have any superstitions?  Kind of!  I have had the same spikes for 3 years and I won’t use any other spikes.

What is your favorite memory playing in high school?  My freshman year at cross country practice we got a frisbee stuck in a tree and I had to go on someone’s shoulder and climb a tree so coach wouldn’t find out!!

What is the best advice your coach gave you?  Don’t give up on yourself!