Wildcats News · IHSAA Makes Recommendations

The IHSAA announced yesterday that athletic teams may meet again on July 1st.  In keeping with the Governor’s orders that schools be shut down through June 30th, there can be NO meeting of teams either on school grounds or off until after June 30th.

It is traditional that the IHSAA has a mandatory moratorium the first week of July but due to the extended absence that we have already had, they are waiving this mandatory moratorium.  We may begin practicing on July 1st if everything goes as planned during the next months.  So, please athletes continue to keep your social distance and stay home if possible.

With that said, there is great hope that all of you are able to condition in some way.  I have received pictures of many of you doing what you can at home and improvising ways to weight lift and condition.  Continue on your path!  If ever you needed self-discipline, this is the time!!  I miss all of you greatly and am looking forward to seeing you again!