Wildcats News · High School Sports to begin July 6th!!!

High School Sports to begin July 6th! 

Rules for Student Athletes for fall of 2020

Hanover Central High School will open athletic facilities for fall sports ONLY beginning, Monday, July 6th .
These workout/conditioning programs are voluntary. The official start of fall sports is August 3rd .
Students who do not attend the July workouts may try-out for fall teams on August 3rd .  A list of practice times for each Fall sport will follow shortly.
1. Athletic physicals must be on file in the Athletic Office before July 6th . The IHSAA has waived
physicals for those students who have a physical on file from last year. Any new students,
transfer students or those playing for the first time must have a physical on file. You can find
the physical form on hanovercentralathletics.com There will be supplemental forms to be filled
out by parents for all students which must be turned in by July 6th . If any parent would like to
get another physical for the school year, they may do so.
2. Workouts will last no more than 3 hours per day. There will be conditioning/activity days each
week. Each athlete will only be allowed to be present at the school for a total of 15 hours.
3. The wearing of masks is optional for athletes. Coaches will be required to have a mask and wear
it when in close proximity to students.
4. Locker rooms will be closed for the first couple of weeks. Athletes must come dressed for
practice. They are responsible for laundering their workout clothes each day.
5. Athletes are required to bring their own water bottles. They must be labeled. They can be filled
at practice if needed.
6. Restrooms will be open and available for athletes. They will be sanitized after each day’s
7. Coaches will work with students in small groups. Athletes will be given directions and schedules
from each coach.
8. Coaches will keep attendance and ask about symptoms of Covid-19 each day. They are
responsible for keeping accurate records.
9. All equipment will be cleaned before and after each workout session.
1. Do NOT attend practice if you are not feeling well, have a fever or have recently been exposed
to the Covid-19 virus. If you have been exposed, please follow the guidelines and quarantine for
14 days. Please let your coach know.
2. Wash workout clothes daily.
3. Wash hands before and after workouts and after using the restroom.
4. Keep social distance from other athletes when not working out.
5. Do not share any clothing, gloves, knee pads, etc. with other athletes.
6. No parents will be allowed to attend any conditioning or workouts.
7. Make certain you have a ride to and from practice. If you are riding with other athletes, make
sure that you have the other parent’s approval. Do not congregate after practice but go straight
to your cars or rides.