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After the huge win against Culver Academies Hanover will look to pick up another big “W” at the Den against River Forest.  As both River Forest and Hanover are 2-1, this is a big game to show their dominance in the conference.  As the hype coach of the team Coach Alex Grezenko, gets the boys ready for Friday’s game.  Let’s ask him a few questions. 

What are your goals for this year’s Covid season?

First and foremost, I am thankful that we are having a fall sports season!  The obvious goal is to have the opportunity to finish our season.  We have a high standard for our football players, and they have worked extremely hard.  Our guys were expected to log three workouts a week and finish their school year on a high note in the months of March, April, May.  In June, we did three virtual workouts lasting around 45 minutes each week, two weekly meetings for install, and an additional weekly physical challenge that needed to be submitted every Sunday.  Once July hit, we were “all gas no brake” and our guys have met or exceeded the expectations set before them.  As a coaching staff, we could not be any more proud of this group, and they deserve the opportunity to play out their season.   

What got you into coaching football?  

Coaching is teaching.  As you have learned very quickly, I am a tremendously passionate educator who brings a great deal of energy.  I began playing football in middle school and fell in love with the sport.  In college, I was not gifted enough to continue playing football, but I was able to take my talents to the rugby field.  Believe me when I say this, you will definitely find a different side of yourself playing the sport of rugby!  While majoring in education, I decided to coach middle school football and that was when I knew coaching was for me!

I use coaching as an extension of the classroom to help drive students and student-athletes towards making an elite difference in their own lives.  

How do you and the boys stay safe in the weight room with covid?  

I follow the protocols set forth by our administration.  We are thankful to have a spacious weight room facility that allows me to distance our students and athletes during and after the school day.  Students are assigned a designated area and perform their prescribed exercises, while maintaining distance.  Before we rotate, each student sanitizes any equipment they have used, and I also our mister to sanitize the weight room when students leave.  

What do you do as a Coach here?

I am one of the PE/Health teachers and the Varsity Defensive Coordinator and Strength and Conditioning Coach here at the high school.  I am grateful that we were able to create and implement a Strength and Conditioning class this year.  Any students who are looking for the most electrifying 50 minutes of their day while also being serious about improving their athletic performance, reducing the likelihood of injury, and improving school and team pride should look to join this class ASAP! In the off-season, I train our football team and have also worked with athletes on the baseball team, cheerleading team, and the boys/girls track teams.  I am excited about the possibility of working with the other Hanover Central athletic teams as well!

How are you and the boys going to prepare for Friday’s night game?

Honestly, there is no difference in how we prepare.  We bring the guys in for treatment, an active recovery/yoga workout, and then finish up by going over the previous night’s film.  Once we send the guys home, the coaches use Saturday and Sunday to devise a game plan that we feel puts the team in the best position to be successful.

What got you into coaching here at Hanover?

It was quite a coincidence, to be honest. Coach Parker and I coached together at Merrillville and we ended up reconnecting before last school year.  I was looking to move back up to Northwest Indiana, from the Kokomo area, and there were teaching opportunities here at Hanover.  This is now my second year at Hanover, and I am grateful for the opportunity to teach and coach our students!

What do you guys do to prepare the offense that is on fire?

As the Defensive Coordinator, I do not play a role in our offensive game plan.  We use our defensive scout team players to try and replicate what the varsity offense will see on Friday nights.  Being a scout team player is a thankless job, but our “Practice Player of the Week” award is one of the biggest awards our guys can receive.  We put a huge emphasis on maximizing practice time and to always be willing to be better than you were the previous day.  

Who’s one of the main leaders on the team?

Our captains this year are Blaze Cano, Adam Graham, James Kelly, and Max Warchol.  These guys do a tremendous job emulating what we expect out of a Wildcat Football Player.  The leadership does not stop with our captains! We have a tremendous group of young men who do things the way they should be done in the classroom, in the hallways, at practice, in the weight room, and in the community.  I am proud to be their coach!

Who’s one Senior you are going to miss Next year?

I can’t say that there is going to be one senior I will miss more than the others.  I am very appreciative of this group of young men for buying into the changes we have implemented, especially in the weight room.  Like I have said previously, we demand a great deal from our football players, and these guys do things the right way.

Should River Forest be a threat this Friday?

Every team we play is a threat.  The number one thing I enjoy about football is that it is nearly impossible to overlook an opponent.  We only have one game and one opponent to worry about each week.  We will need to prepare and execute to the best of our ability in order to get the win this week.  It also helps having that home field advantage!  Thank you to the Wildcat community for your support!

As you heard Coach G’s perspective on the game, are you excited to see Hanover try and keep this win streak going?  As seniors Blaze Cano and Adam Graham stay hot, they will try and lead Hanover to victory this Friday night.

DON’T FORGET tickets might sell out fast this week so hurry up to the office and secure yourself one.  Also don’t forget Covid is still a thing so keep your mask on and be at the Den for kickoff at 7pm.