Boys Varsity Football · Sophomore Superstar Dominates the Competition


This Friday, the Hanover Central Wildcats will host the River Forest Ingots at the Den. The Wildcats have been very hot over the last two weeks taking out 2 big and well known schools in Munster and Culver. One of the biggest contributors to the success is Gannan Howes. The sophomore WR/DB has a total of 407 receiving yards with 17 catches adding 5 touchdowns. On the defensive side, Howes also adds 15 tackles. I sat down with Howes and asked him some questions about his football career and some questions about himself. 


How did you get started with football?

I got started when I was 5 and my parents asked me if I wanted to play football instead of soccer this year and I said yeah.


Favorite memory about playing football?

Favorite memory is when I got brought up to varsity as a freshman and earned a starting spot. 


Do you play any other sports?

I play football and baseball


Who is your favorite NFL player?

My favorite NFL player is Julio Jones


Do you have any good luck charms?

I do not have any good luck charms I just play


What’s your favorite school lunch?

Favorite school lunch is easily the popcorn chicken with the mashed potatoes 


What’s your favorite school subject?

Favorite school subject is history


Who is your favorite music artist?

Favorite music artist is NLE Choppa


Who do you feel like your biggest rival is?

I feel that my biggest sports rival is Wheeler because they beat us in previous years but it’s always a good game


How do you deal with pressure?

I deal with pressure by just relaxing and thinking about what I have to do next to succeed


What makes a good teammate?

A good teammate is someone who doesn’t get down on you when u don’t succeed and someone who works hard 24/7 with everything they have to win


Do you have any pregame rituals?

My pregame ritual is to listen to music and talk to teammates 


How do you feel when you get on the field?

I feel amped up on the field to hit someone 


Do you plan on playing football after high school?

I want to continue football after high school but if I don’t get the opportunity I would like then I won’t


What are your post high school plans?

My post high school plans are to go to college and get a degree, I don’t know what for but I would like to go to college