Girls Varsity Volleyball · Senior Spotlight: Maddie Opilka

Senior Spotlight is all about learning our seniors this year. This week we had the honor to interview Maddie Opilka!


1) What made you want to play that sport?

When I was younger, I tried all of the sports every 7 year old plays, and volleyball was the only thing I was remotely good at, at the time. So my parents took it and ran with it. 


2) How long have you been playing?

I have been playing volleyball for 10 years, I started playing in 2nd grade.


3) What are you involved in outside of the sport?

Outside of volleyball, I am a member of both the National Honors Society and Student Council.


4) Favorite moment on the team?

My favorite moment was beating our rivals, Bishop Noll, this year! Nothing will ever top the feeling of beating them in five sets.


5) Funniest memory on the team?

Literally every single practice is funny, everyone just says the weirdest things at the most unnecessary time. I can’t pick just one. 


6) Do you have any pre game rituals?

Before every home game, we either have to warm up to “International Love” by Pitbull or “Best Love Song” by T-Pain.


7) What motivates you?

Making my parents proud motivates me the most. 


8) What is your favorite school lunch?

“The buffalo chicken pizza ALWAYS hits.”


9) What will you miss most about high school?

High school volleyball was always a time I looked forward to most. I play club ball too but there is just such a different vibe with school season. I’m going to miss home games so much. Outside of volleyball, I am definitely going to miss Friday night football games.


10) What is your favorite subject?

My favorite subject in school would probably be Nursing.


11) Who is your role model?

My grandma is my role model. She has such a kind, pure soul that I will never live up to. She is my number one fan forever.


12) Who is your biggest rival? (Sports team).

Bishop Noll


13) What are your goals this season?

My goal this season was just to play every game to the best of my ability and like it would be our last. Each game wasn’t promised to us and I am beyond thankful that we were able to complete this season healthfully and successfully.


14) What is your pregame music?

“Intentional Love” by Pitbull, “Best Love Song” by T-Pain, and “Pure Water” by Mustard.


15) What does being a good teammate mean to you?

A good teammate is someone who can improve on themselves while also prioritizing the growth of others. All four seniors this year have been so helpful to the underclassman making them feel comfortable and like they are able to make a mistake and just shake it off. A good attitude will always contribute to a good teammate as well.


16) Favorite movie/tv show?

My favorite movies are the Mamma Mia series. 


17) Favorite professional athlete?

My favorite professional beach volleyball player is Kerri Walsh Jennings.


18) Favorite season

My favorite season is fall. I love the weather and when the leaves change. And Halloween!


19) Biggest accomplishment

My biggest accomplishment was making a huge step from the freshman team to varsity my sophomore year.