Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Captain Interview – Nevaeh Govert

One of the girl’s soccer team’s captains is senior, Nevaeh Govert. Govert has played for Hanover for three years and is the starting left outside back for the varsity team. Not only does she take on soccer for Hanover, Govert also plays basketball and runs track. We took the opportunity to interview this team captain and find out what the expectations of being a leader are. This is what we were told: 

How did you feel when you were chosen for captain? Why?

I felt extremely lucky. They chose me to represent Hanover which is a big deal. 


What was your main priority as a captain?

Always just do your best. You’re not always going to be better than everyone else, but if you try your hardest, that’s what counts. Don’t skip practices, always show up ready to learn, and play. 


How did you lead the Lady Wildcats?

 I always tried to do my best. I also tried to always encourage others along the way. I pushed myself to hold up to my position expectations. 


What makes a good leader (in your eyes)? 

A good leader to me is someone willing to give 110%. They can never give up on themselves or their team. 


When it is time to pass down your position as captain, how are you going to pass it down? What are you looking for in the future captain? 

After the season, the captains get to choose who they pass their bands down to. I’m looking more at attitude. How does the player/teammate bond with others. Do they put the game first? Every game do they give it everything they have? 


Do you have any expectations for the next year’s captains?  

I expect them to be able to decide friends from a team. I also expect them to lead their team to a sectional title. 


What do you look for in a good team? What is the main goal?

A team that functions well, both fundamentally and physically. Main goals in teams are different for each one. Just like every team you face, different challenges come up. 


What made you a good candidate to be captain? Why?

 I always try to be positive. I try to always be there for my teammates and push them to do their best. I also try to be an ear for anyone on the team, letting them know i’m there for them. 


Do you plan to continue your soccer career after high school?

Probably not, I love soccer but I don’t think it’s my thing.