Girls Varsity Soccer · Girl’s Soccer Announcer Kyle Doty

During a soccer game at Hanover’s field you will hear the voice of an announcer. That familiar voice is freshman Emmi Doty’s dad, Kyle Doty. He announces every game of course because of his daughter, but also because he enjoys the game of soccer. We asked him a couple of questions about taking on this position. 



  • How did you become the announcer? Did you ask or were you offered the job?


“The team was in need of one and I was offered the job”



  • Favorite part of the job?


“Being able to say “Gooooooooaaaaallll” and hit the wildcat roar sound button.”



  • How did you learn all the terms for soccer games? Did you have to learn some new terms when you took the job?


“I learned the terms from the many years of watching my daughter Emmi play soccer and becoming a licensed coach.”



  • Are there any perks that come from being the announcer at games?


“ I have the best seat in the house.  Birds eye view and perfect weather.”



  • Were there any games that had you on the end of your seat?


“Yes, the most recent game against Hebron.”



  • Will you continue being the announcer for the next couple of years?


“Absolutely, with Emmi being there I certainly will be the announcer for the game.”



  • Because you sit there and watch the majority of the games, how do you think the girls will do during sectionals?


“The girls will have some tough competition ahead.  If they communicate, hold possession and each player plays their position to the best of their abilities then they will have a chance to far in the competition ahead.”