Girls Varsity Volleyball · Interviewing the Manager for Volleyball

Kaitlyn Kil got the chance to interview Senior Cheyenne Somervell. Somervell has been manager for the Hanover Central’s girls volleyball team for three years and helps out the team more than people know. She makes sure that all the girls are ready to go for the upcoming games. She hypes up every game and cheers on the girls for every win.

Now let’s read Somervell answers to some fascinating questions. 

Q: How long have you been the manager for volleyball?

A: I have been a volleyball manager for three years now.


Q: What was your favorite memory being the manager?

A: My favorite memory is getting to go to all the tournaments. I also went to Peyton’s house to bond with my team and to have fun. 


Q:What will you miss most about high school?

A:I will miss a lot of the teachers like Mr. Denton and Mrs. Duffy. I will also miss getting to be a manager for the volleyball team.


Q:What made you want to be a manager?

A: Well, I got asked to be manager for the volleyball team. I thought it would be fun and got to see all the girls play volleyball and win. 


Q:What is the funniest memory while managing the team?

A:The funniest moment is when we took the wrong bus. The bus was meant for the soccer team and they were going to a different school.


Q:What do you plan to do after high school? 

A: After high school I plan to become a vet technician. I also plan on moving to Florida after high school and to get my degree out there.


Q:What do you do before a game to prepare for it?

A:I make sure that all the jerseys are clean and they have the right jersey’s that they are going to wear. I will also make sure that the net is up and the medical kit is out.


Q:What is your favorite memory on the team?

A: My favorite memory on the team is when we beat Bishop Noll, because we got to play against our coach’s dad, who is the coach for Bishop Noll. Bishop Noll wasn’t very happy and there was almost a fight, because our student section was cheering on our team.