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      As the boys soccer season sadly comes to an end and the few seniors on the team get ready to say goodbye to their high school soccer careers and thank their coaches, Mr. Ooms and Mr. Davidson, for their final season I asked them a few questions about the next year and overall how they felt about this season in the end. Although this season wasn’t the strongest, there was major development throughout the season and you can see the potential this team has to become a major threat for other schools. Since the team was mostly made up of freshman there was a lot of inexperience but with their coaches steering them into the winning direction we can expect an amazing season next year. Both Davidson and Ooms say that the underclassmen have the athletic skill, they just need that competitiveness which they believe they will have by next season with some conditioning on the off season.



      1. How did you feel about this season overall?

Davidson: “This season was an interesting season, we had a lot of ups and downs with covid, and having the team be mostly made up of freshmen was interesting. I would describe it as growth and unity.”

Oom’s: “I feel we did what we could with all the things thrown at us. We had kids that were out with covid exposure, we had so many injuries, and we had a senior that wasn’t even able to finish the season because of an injury. This season would have been different if all those things didn’t happen”


      2. Do you believe there is potential for the season ahead?

Davidson: “Absolutely, when you have a full offseason of work, as I said there are many freshmen on the team. We spend an entire offseason getting them ready for the next season. They have the athletic skills they just need to be pushed there. With the offseason I believe the team is going to be overall stronger for the season ahead.”

Oom’s: “There is very high potential for these upcoming years. We had 7 freshmen this year and 4 of them had a varsity spot. They all were able to play most of the time because of the injuries we had. I am very excited to see what we can do in the seasons ahead because they all improved this year to good student athletes.”


      3. What should we expect next season?

Davidson: “I would expect more growth in learning and I would expect more multiple more games and be more competitive in game. We are returning all of our starting players and with a little more experience and are able to perform better. We will be a lot more competitive in games.”
Oom’s:”Expect seeing a new team people talk about next year. Expect them to talk about the soccer team like they do the football team. We want to be the best sport here at Hanover and I feel like we have the talent to do that. I am hoping more kids come out to play soccer here because soccer is such a fun, family sport that brings the community together. Also, expect us to have energy around the school with soccer spirit. We are here to change the culture. It was the first thing I told the kids this year and it will change next year.”


We look forward to seeing what the team looks like next year and the accomplishments they have made over their offseason. You will see Mr. Davidson and Mr. Ooms next season to have the season they boys have earned!