Girls Varsity Soccer · New Faces of the Soccer Team

On the Girls Varsity Soccer team there are some new faces on the field this year. Junior Julia Schuldes is one of these new players that has helped the team be so successful. She also plays softball and has done basketball too. Being new to the team we have decided to ask her about her experiences and thoughts on the season and how the upcoming sectional championship will go this Saturday.

1. What made you join the soccer team?

” My friends were excited for the season to start, so for fun I decided to try out.”


2. What is your pregame ritual?

My pregame ritual would have to be listening to hype music.


3. What is your favorite part of this season?

”  To be honest, I have no favorite part of the season. Every day was amazing. This season has been great for me and I don’t want it to end.


4. Are you excited for sectionals? Possible chance of winning?

“I am more nervous than excited for sectionals. The team we are playing for the championship game is fourth in the state, but we know how to work hard for what we want so hopefully we can stay in it.


5. Are you having any struggles so far? Why?

“Since it’s my first year, I am still struggling with the little things like footwork and passes, but besides that I think I’ve done a good job with figuring things out.”


6. How do you feel about your first year on the team?

“I am so happy I decided to play and I keep asking myself why I didn’t start playing sooner.”


7. Are you planning on continuing your soccer career next year?

” Yes! ”


8. How are you feeling coming up to sectionals?

“Very nervous, but ready for whatever happens!”


9. What position do you play?

I play stopper on defense.