Boys Varsity Cross Country · Meet Kyle Thibideau

I got a hold of cross country runner Kyle Thibideau to ask some questions about himself and the 2020 cross country season.
1. What motivates you the most when it comes to cross country?
The thing that motivates me the most is my coaches and teammates, to not let them down (especially during conference, sectionals, regionals, semi-state, and state). Another thing that motivates me is trying to move myself up the state rankings individually each year, as I see where I stand and try to move up the leaderboard every meet, season, year. 
2. Do you have any kind of pregame routine or specific meal?
Yes, I always have eaten a bacon croissant and granola bar before the race ever since my Sophomore year. 
3. What is the team doing in preparation for semi-state?
The team is very focused, starting Monday we hit in hard with 400m X 8 repeats around the track. That’s just 1 of 3 hard workouts that we have done. We know it isn’t enough just to advance to semi-state, we have to show the top teams that we can beat them, even though we are a smaller school, and maybe less experienced than teams like Laporte, Chesterton, Crown Point, Valparaiso, Lake Central, Harrison, West Lafayette, and Munster. Many of us believe that we can place in the top 6 as a team, advance to state for the 1st time in school history, but it’s gonna depend on our 4, 5, and 6th runners. 
4. What is your favorite memory on the team?
My favorite memory would be upsetting Wheeler during my sophomore year at the conference and having Kevin Pazko as my leader during my freshman year to help my development. 
5. Do you have any role models?
Yes. Steve Prefontaine ( an Oregon long-distance runner who holds records from 2k meters to 10,000 meters), Kevin Pazko, and my brother.