Coed Varsity Bowling · Welcome the Bowling Team!

The bowling team is back with coaches Wes Elliot and Martha-Bozeman-Vazquez and they plan on taking yet another victorious season. Their first meet of the year was on October 14th at Country Lanes, which is their usual spot. The team is made up of four seniors, Ruithe Rakowski, Brenda Metcalfe, Hope Walkowiak, and Eva Holm.

Taking a look at last year’s season, the team got fairly far especially since they lost four players. They made it to regionals however they did not advance. They struggled as a team last year according to some of the players on the team and because there are only four of them, they are closer than last year and are learning to work together.

The Wildcats are looking forward into this year they plan on making it further into the competition and they are definitely a team to watch this year!