Boys Varsity Basketball · Senior Spotlight: Kameron Ludwig

Seniors Kyle Krooswyk and Bryan Hoover had a good time interviewing Senior Kameron Ludwig. We got to get some inside information on Ludwig for his senior year. Good luck to Kam and the rest of the basketball team and we hope you guys have a successful season.

What made you want to play that sport?

I’ve been playing it since I was a kid and I would always play with my friends almost everyday when I was younger so I think that was a big influence. 


What are your future plans regarding your sport?

Playing in college would be fun but I’m just not sure if college is for me. 


How long have you been playing? 

Probably 11+years, started in 1st grade I believe. 


Favorite moment on the team?

My favorite moment was has to be winning sectionals last year in front of my family and home crowd.


Do you have any pre game rituals?

Stretch, a lot, most people don’t stretch and I can’t play without stretching. 


Do you have a good luck charm?

A body armour before every game.


What motivates you?

I used to be really bad in middle school, I wouldn’t get a lot of playing time so that motivates me.


What will you miss most about high school?

If anything I’d have to say my friends, chances are out of high school you won’t see them a lot.