Girls Junior Varsity Basketball · Girls JV Basketball Spotlight: Deyton Barnett

Basketball season has begun for the girls! Deyton Barnett is an integral member of the Junior Varsity team this year and last year. She has great leadership skills, and she leads to girls on and off the court. Let’s learn some more about this prospering ‘Cat!


Q: What made you want to play basketball?

A: I started playing because my sisters did, and I immediately fell in love with the game. It pushes me to build my character and learn how to work as a team.


Q: What is your favorite part of basketball?

A: My favorite part is definitely being able to play with my friends and being able to take out my aggression on the court. 


Q: Favorite shoes to hoop in?

A: I wore these purple Kobe’s all through junior wildcats that my dad gave me, and I absolutely loved them. 


Q: Pre-game ritual?

A: I usually listen to music.


Q: Who do you look up to on varsity?

A: I look up to Hailey Vanderhye and Star Sanchez. Hailey has been playing with me since middle school and always makes sure I look at everything in a positive way. Star always makes sure I am laughing on the court and staying focused.


Q: Favorite teacher and class?

A: My favorite teacher is Mr. Rowinski for History because I always understood whatever he was saying. Also, he connected with the class so we all have a close bond with him. 


Q: Any other activities besides basketball?

A: I also play softball and have been doing travel for 4 years. I play shortstop and center field.


Q: Favorite school lunch?

A: My favorite school lunch is the tangerine chicken and rice. 


Q: What number do you hoop in and why did you pick it?

A: I have worn number 25 for no reason in particular. I was just given it freshman year and I plan to stick with it. 


Q: How long have you been playing?

A: I have been playing since kindergarten in the Junior Wildcats program.