Boys Varsity Wrestling · Interviewing an Alumni: Ryan Breedlove

Interviewing an Alumni

A former Wildcat wrestler has returned to Hanover to help coach the 2020-2021 wrestling team. Ryan Breedlove was an outstanding wrestler for Hanover through his 4 years here. We decided to interview him because we were curious about why he came back to help the wrestling team this year. Here is what he had to say.


Question: Why did you come back to coach our wrestling team?

Answer: I came back to coach wrestling because I couldn’t just leave it all behind me. I’ve been around it all my life and I wanted to come back to support my teammates.


Question: What do you miss most about wrestling in High School?

Answer: The thing I miss most about high school wrestling is being able to compete against others and show what I’m capable of.


Question: Do you plan on becoming a wrestling coach for future years?

Answer: Yes, I would like to become a coach in the future.  Most likely for my kids or for school.


Question: What should we expect from this team?

Answer:  We expect a good turn out this year. Most of the team has returned from last season and some pretty good freshmen have come up as well. Hopefully from semi state and state qualifiers.


Question: Who was your biggest inspiration when you were wrestling?

Answer: My biggest inspiration was Andrew Howe, who was a NCAA champion, and Stevan Micic, who is a 2021 Olympian for Serbia. They are both from Hanover and have had a very successful career in the sport.