Boys Varsity Wrestling · Wrestling Interview: Coach Hoover

Just yesterday, we had a chance to talk with Coach Hoover about the wrestling team and how and what he thinks of the team going into the season.


Q: With COVID-19 being a worldwide problem, do you see any changes with how the team plays through this season?

A: I think the team will play through the season like how they do every year, obviously we take caution and make sure we’re healthy enough to compete at a high level, but as of now, we’re taking it one day at a time.


Q: Players on the wrestling team are being quarantined due to COVID. How does this impact going into games without having key players?

A: Losing anybody on our team is a back breaker. Our staff knows that they’ll be gone for around two weeks. We always make sure that once they come back from quarantine, we as a team must make sure that they’re healthy and ready to go for what comes this season.


Q: What is it like being a coach of Hanover’s Wrestling team?

A: It’s definitely an awesome experience. Helping and educating kids who are in wrestling or are new to wrestling get better everyday, especially those who want to be the very best at this physical sport.


Q: The team’s next game is on December 2nd due to games being canceled, what do you think of games being canceled?

A: It’s upsetting to us and the players. With all the hard work and effort we put into the sport of wrestling, we want to compete with the best of the best. But like I said before, we just move on each and every day.


Q: How many players are on the wrestling team as of now?

A: We currently have 20 players on the roster for this season, two girls and 18 boys on the team.


Q: How far do you believe the team can get in the IHSAA State Series?

A: I believe we can get as far as the IHSAA State Finals. We have a lot of great talent on this roster, we’ve been practicing and working hard all year to get to where we are as of today and to win it all once Sectionals start.


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