Boys Varsity Basketball · Player Interview: Cole Hernandez

Cole Hernandez is a junior at Hanover Central High School. He has been playing basketball since he was a freshman and hopes to for all four years. Kyle Krooswyk and Bryan Hoover had a chance to interview Hernandez about his feelings toward the upcoming season.


When did you start playing basketball?  I have been playing basketball since I was 5 years old.


What is your goal for this season? My goal this season is to help out as much as I can and develop the under-classmen as much as I can. My individual goals are to set up my teammates with good positions to score the ball and to sharpen up on the defensive side of the ball.


What is your pre-game warmup? My pregame warmup usually is listening to a lot of Kanye West and watching Kobe Bryant highlights before the game. I get my back massaged and roll out my lower half of my body and shoot around. 


What is your favorite moment of your high school career? My favorite moment was when I was a sophomore and I got an and-one in the sectional championship last year.


Who is the athlete you look up to? The mainstream athlete was Kobe Bryant. But in high school it was either Dom Lucido or Chris Roop. Dom showed me how to be a guard and make smart decisions and Chris showed me how to play your role and your role only and do it to make your team win.



What is your opinion on a good teammate? My opinion on a good teammate is a passer who sets up his teammates in good positions to score and does not point any fingers.


Who got you into the game of basketball? My brother got me into it when I was small and I will just be laying in my bed and go on YouTube and either Kobe or Kyrie highlights are on and it just makes me wanna hoop.


Do you play any other sports? I play Baseball