Girls Varsity Volleyball · Interviewing the Newest Pioneer: Peyton Frost

On Wednesday, Hanover Central’s own Peyton Frost signed to play volleyball for Carroll University. Carroll is a Division III school that plays in the CCIW (College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin). They are a highly competitive team and add a young star in Peyton for the 2021-2022 season. I got to talk to Peyton about how she feels about Carroll and how it feels to play at the next level. 


How long have you been playing volleyball?

  • I have played volleyball for eight years now. I started playing for school in the fifth grade and once I realized I liked the sport I started playing club volleyball and have been playing ever since. 

How many months of the year do you play volleyball?

  • Over an entire year, I’m playing volleyball 10 out of the 12 months. High school volleyball took up 4 months and club took up 6 months of the year. 

For people who don’t know, how hard do you have to work and what type of commitment does it take to be able to play a college sport?

  • If you want to play in college you have to put in the work and be communicating with the coaches and advertising yourself so they want you on their team. When it comes to wanting to take it to the next level you need to realize that the transition from high school to college is a challenge. You will be in the weight room 3-4 times a week and you’ll have practices all the time. You will have to be committed and give it your all. 

How did Covid-19 affect the recruiting and signing process for you?

  • Covid-19 pushed back my timeline for recruiting by a lot. I had a set plan to commit by the end of summer but because of the dead period I couldn’t go on visits and make a final decision. Covid-19 made me also narrow down my options of where I wanted to go. It helped me realize that I wanted to stay closer to home. 

How does it feel to finally be able to sign?

  • I am so excited to finally commit and know where I’m going to be spending the next 4 years. I was in the recruiting process for almost a year and a half and it felt like it was never going to end and that I wouldn’t find the right school but with Carroll I just knew it was right for me. 

What was it about Carroll University that you liked?

  • The main thing that drew me to Carroll was the coaching staff. The head coach is super nice and has so much knowledge when it comes to volleyball. When I had talked to the players they told me that she pushes everyone to be the best they can be and that is what I was looking for in a program. The campus is also so pretty and easy to navigate. The buildings all look like stone castles with red roofs. 

What do you think you can bring to the Carroll University volleyball team?

  • I think that I can bring some good positive energy and some good competition. I think that I’m a positive person on the court and can help my teammates if they are ever down or think they are having a bad game. I also don’t expect to be a starter on the court right away so I know that I’ll have to compete for a spot and it will help push my new teammates to be better too. 

We are super excited to see Peyton play at the next level. She has been a huge part of our own volleyball team since freshman year and we hope she has the same large impact on the team down at Carroll. We hope to see her thrive in the upcoming years and continue to make her school, family, and community proud. Big things lie ahead for Senior Peyton Frost and we wish her the best in whatever the future may bring her! The Hanover Central Athletics Program will always be supportive and proud of Peyton and all the other athletes that chose to play at the next level.