Girls Varsity Basketball · Hooper Turned Fashion Designer

As the Lady Wildcats continue to have success on the court, we think about past successful players that have gone through the program, Sarah Blue is a prime example. She played Hanover Central varsity basketball for all four years of high school and graduated in 2017. I got to talk to Sarah about what she has been up to. 


Q: Where do you go to college?

A: Indiana University 


Q: What is your major?

A: Fashion Design with a minor in Apparel Merchandising


Q: How has life been without basketball?

A: A lot different. I grew up playing sports so I was used to having practice everyday and was constantly active. Now I try to be active in other ways by working out or going for walks. 


Q: What have you been doing since graduating?

A: Attending college at IU. I am currently a senior and looking forward to graduating in the spring. 


Q: How was it playing for Hanover? What was your favorite move?

A: I enjoyed playing for Hanover because I built strong relationships with my teammates. My favorite move was driving to the basket or shooting from around the arc. 


Q: Did you participate in other sports at Hanover?

A: Yes I also played tennis. 


Q: What is your favorite Hanover memory?

A: Senior Year Homecoming week 


Q: What is your favorite basketball memory?

A: Winning Sectionals my Sophomore year


Q: When you were a senior, who did you see as an eighth grader who was going to be a key factor on the team in upcoming years?

A: Star Sanchez and Julia Blue are two players I knew were going to be key players. Julia is my little sister, and she works very hard in the offseason to better her game. Star, my sister’s bff, also works hard alongside Julia. 


Q: What advice do you give to any of the players in the program?

A: Always keep a positive attitude and work hard


If you don’t believe that she was a beast, check out her double-double highlights :