Girls Varsity Basketball · Senior Spotlight: Nevaeh Govert

Nevaeh Govert is one of the five seniors on the Hanover Central Girls Basketball team. She has been playing basketball since fifth grade. She plans on continuing her basketball career into college. She has enjoyed having the opportunity playing beside all of her teammates during her high school career. Nevaeh is a guard/ forward. This past week we had the opportunity to get to know her better off the court!


Let’s get to know more about Nevaeh Govert!


Q: What made you want to play basketball?

A: My mom forced me to in 5th grade. 


Q: How long have you been playing basketball?

A: I started my fifth grade year. 


Q: What are you involved in outside of basketball?

A: I’m also involved in soccer and track.


Q: Do you have any pre game rituals?

A: No, I just go home, chill, and eat.


Q: What will you miss most about high school?

A: I will miss most is probably seeing everyone and the locker room celebrations after a dub. 


Q: Do you have any pre game food?

A: No, I switch it up all the time.


Q: Do you have a good luck charm?

A: Yes, my old pair of basketball shoes!!!


Q: What are your future plans with basketball?

A: I hope to play in college, however, we’ll see how far that goes. 


Q: Where do you plan to go to college?

A: I’m unsure, I have a few places in mind. 


Q: What was your funniest memory in basketball?

A: The funniest memory I have is when Kaylee Huyser shot in the wrong basket her senior year. 


Go check out Nevaeh Govert on the Hanover Central Girls Basketball website on Facebook. Hanover live streams every home game, so make sure to watch and listen for Govert on the court! The Wildcats next game will be Wednesday, December 16th. They will be facing the Andrean ‘59ers.