Girls Junior Varsity Pom Cats, Girls Varsity Pom Cats · Chatting with Coach Zimmer

Mrs. Zimmer is the head varsity dance coach and one of our english teachers here at Hanover. She also graduated from Hanover as well. Her team is currently in competition almost every weekend working restlessly to get to regionals and state. The girls have been doing very well in their competitions so far. The last two competitions are here and the team couldn’t be any more excited to see their work pay off and Coach Zimmer couldn’t be any prouder of the group and their accomplishments so far. In the meantime we asked her some questions about her coaching experience so far and overall. 


Q: How many years have you been coaching?

A: “6 years”


Q: What is your favorite part of coaching?

A: “My favorite part of coaching is the memories and relationships that I have with these dancers. I formed strong relationships with these girls and they bring me so much joy each day.”


Q: What is your career outside of coaching?

A: “Teacher, English 12 and 11 at Hanover Central High School”


Q: What is your favorite coaching memory?

A: “I think one of my favorite memories was from State 2019. I was the JV coach at that time and the team that year was so close. During our state competition we changed our costumes so that we were wearing our “Haley Strong” shirts instead of our normal costume. The whole team came up with this plan to trick Haley into leaving the gym, so we could quickly change and when she came back for our performance she was surprised by seeing them all in her shirt. It was such a happy moment and just thinking of that team and how much they cared for each other makes me so happy.”


Q: How did you start coaching?

A: “After I graduated I really didn’t ever leave the dance team. I would always come around and help the former coach Mrs. Darnell. I loved the team when I was in high school, it brought me so much joy that I knew I wasn’t ready to give it up after graduation. So I stayed and helped for a little while, made up dances and such. I was going to college nearby so it was easy to make time. And after a while there was an opening for the JV coach, naturally I jumped right in! I learned a lot from Mrs. Darnell and also from my college dance coach. Those two women were very influential in my dance career and really helped me become the coach I am today.”


Q: What do you look for in a dancer?

A: “A desire to learn is the main thing to look for, if someone is willing to put in the effort to learn there is no telling how much they can accomplish. We also have to look for rhythm, to be a little more technical. But if a dancer has rhythm and a desire to learn then they are ready to go!”


Q: Did you dance growing up?

A: “I actually didn’t start dancing until I was in middle school. But once I started I fell in love. I became devoted to dance and it is all I ever did. I danced at a studio and with the PomCats.”


Q: Best advice to give a dancer?
A: “The best advice I can give a dancer is make sure that you enjoy what you are doing. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing it is obvious. Dance is directly tied to your emotions so to be successful at a competitive level you have to love what you are doing.”


Q: What do you do in order to prepare for a competition?
A: “To prepare for competition I pack up all our dance supplies such as poms, the slip-not, extra makeup, etc. Then we have a team talk to encourage everyone, do any quick reminders and get in a good headspace. And after that we are off.”