Girls Varsity Tennis · Learning the Ropes: Heidi Considine

One of our tennis players, Heidi Considine, is currently a junior here at Hanover. She not only participates in tennis, but other clubs such as the National Honors Society and is on the Student Council board. She is also a well respected student. She has been playing tennis since her sophomore year and has been a great attribute to the team. I thankfully had the opportunity to ask her about her sport and her goals for this season.


Q: What is your favorite tennis memory?
A: “My favorite tennis memories are whenever we hit balls way in the air over the fence and Coach Whitacre yells “Woahhhh Nellyyyy”!”

Q: What are your goals for this season?
A: “My goals for this season are to play on first doubles, score a lot of points off of my returns, and continuously improve my serves.”

Q: Do you do doubles or singles? If you do doubles, who is your partner?
A: “This season so far, I play doubles with Jenna, Joy, Maddie or Thea”. 

Q: What is your favorite part of the tennis season? why?
A: “My favorite part of the tennis season is getting to practice everyday for a couple hours with some of my best friends. Being out there on the courts is so much fun and seeing improvements everyday is very rewarding.”

Q: How long have you been playing tennis and what inspired you to participate? 

A: “I have only been playing tennis for 2 years. Since I have never played before and wanted to try a new sport, I joined.”

Q: What have been some struggles you’ve encountered this season so far and how do you plan on getting past those struggles?
A: “A major struggle that I’ve encountered this season so far has been learning how to play all over again since our season got cut short last year, due to covid. In order to learn more about the game and improve my skills, I plan to focus and try hard at practice along with putting in extra practice on the weekends.”


Q: What would you tell someone who is hesitant to join the tennis team to take the motive to participate in the following seasons?

A: “I would tell someone who was hesitant about joining the tennis team to know that this sport is supposed to be fun. Almost half of the team has never played as well, so we are all on the same boat learning wise.”

Q: Do you plan on participating in tennis during your senior year? Why or why not?

A: “I do plan on participating in tennis during my senior year because I found a sport that I enjoy going to practice everyday. I have a lot of potential for next year and am excited to see how good I can become. The group of girls are super fun to be around and we have a ton of fun in whatever drills we do too!”